PURPLE HAND Logo Tank top

$30.00 $25.00

Introducing PURPLE HAND Tank top. 

This gay iconic symbol is from our sister company, The Purple Hand Project. 

There Purple Hand logo shirts are made available before the Official Launch of The PurpleHandProject.com website. 

What is the Purple Hand Project?
What if you were beaten up, bloodied, and arrested for standing up for your rights? 
What if in that protest you paved the way for future generations to live with equal rights? 
What if your efforts even though they changed history, were forgotten, even by the peers you paved the way for?
What if there was a way to remember those who fought and gave honor to their courageous acts?
What if in remembering we activated a new generation of reformers, who changed the path our world seems to be headed?
What if we changed the world?